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  • Book Haul – 14th Jan

    Book Haul – 14th Jan

    So much for the whole “not getting new books this year” thing. These came into the shop at various points in the last week or so and have managed to make their way home with me. When I’ll get round to them, I don’t know. Especially considering reading isn’t my No. 1 priority right now; […]

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  • [Book Review] The Returned – James Swallow

    [Book Review] The Returned – James Swallow

    Title: The ReturnedAuthor: James SwallowPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: July 1st 2011Genre: Sci-FiPages: 45Format: eBookSource: Private Collection Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis On the world of Gathis, atop the Ghostmountain, sits the Eyrie, fortress-monastery of the Doom Eagles. Here they memorialise their honoured dead, then forget them. But what to do when one of those dead comes […]

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  • [Book Review] The Emperor Wept – Simon Dyton

    [Book Review] The Emperor Wept – Simon Dyton

    Title: The Emperor WeptAuthor: Simon DytonPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: Jan 1st, 2008Genre: Sci-FiPages: 26Format: eBookSource: Private Collection Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis The Imperium has decreed that the world of Carnage is to die, to test a new strain of the monstrous Life-Eater virus. Space Marines of the Doom Warriors descend upon the world to deliver its […]

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  • Book Haul – 9th Jan

    Book Haul – 9th Jan

    In the attempt to update the blog more this year with personal stuff as well as Book Reviews, I thought I’d post hauls and that sort of thing! This isn’t an attempt to say “Look at what I got,” but more a way to try and keep up with the books I bring in vs […]

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  • [Book Review] Mark of Calth – Short Story Anthology edited by Laurie Goulding

    [Book Review] Mark of Calth – Short Story Anthology edited by Laurie Goulding

    Title: Mark of CalthAuthor: Short story AnthologyPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 26th March 2014Genre: Sci-FiPages: 401Format: PaperbackSource: Private CollectionSeries: Horus Heresy Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synposis Anthology of short stories revealing the untold tales of the Underworld War. The Heresy came to Calth without warning. In just a few hours of betrayal and bloodshed, the proud […]

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  • [Book Review] Battlemage – Stephen Aryan

    [Book Review] Battlemage – Stephen Aryan

    Title: BattlemageAuthor: Stephen AryanPublished by: OrbitPublication date: 22nd Sept 2015Genre: FantasyPages: 512Format: PaperbackSource: TBR/Private CollectionSeries: The Age of Darkness Trilogy Affiliate Links Buy the Book – Amazon Blurb/Synopsis I can command storms, summon fire and unmake stone, Balfruss growled. It’s dangerous to meddle with things you don’t understand. Balfruss is a battlemage, sworn to fight and die for a country that […]

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