I am my own biggest fan.

Over the many years of drawing I have created a great many characters. Half written a heap of stories to go with them and sometimes not even got that far. Thing is, I just love creating. I equally love creating with other people, but that is an entirely new story.

So one year, back in 2006 I believe. I was wandering about on a silly little chat based game called Furcadia. And saw an advert for someone selling a character name for a mere $5. I happened to like this particular name, so I brought it. I made a character who reflected my interests and likes at the time and came up with one of the strangest characters of all times. A male character with rather feminine qualities with a really borked up past. Who hated anything and everything to do with drugs. I am talking about Wars.

Yet, having Wars on his own, seemed a bit strange. I wasn’t sure what to do with him now that I had him in existence. At this time, I was working for Royal Mail which was in a way fantastic because as soon as I was out of the office and on delivery I could put my head in La-La land and think about other things.
Naturally solving my Wars problem was a high priority.
I was partially influenced by a fellow DeviantArtist DarkenLite. Who at that time was drawing a lot of her Yaoi characters Fright and Shadow. I do not know if she still has these characters and we rarely speak any more as she tends to draw Transformers Erotica/Slash. Which is something I never understood.
I decided: Wars needs a boyfriend.

He needed someone who was a bit of a loose canon, someone who would spur him into action away from his apathy. A hot head. A dick! Therefore Beee came along.

They bloomed and took off a storm for a while. I had a few people who liked their unique designs and cybergothic influences. I drew them mercilessly for a good few years. I still do from time to time, that picture of Wars is fairly recent. (The one of Beee is the first I ever drew of him) However, the magic vanished somewhere along the line and for the most part they are pretty much forgotten about aside for a few wonderfully dedicated fans! Myself being the biggest.

See, we fangirls don’t just pick famous characters to worship!

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