Weekly Necromunda Report: 3

Before anyone gets on to me about the while thing of this being a weekly report not being weekly, I know, I know. I failed!

Onto the report.
Finally, after weeks of anticipation, nerves and weapon checking. The first battle was fought. The Expendables took up arms and clashed violently with The Kings Men, a vicious collection of Goliath scum. I can happily report that the battle went awfully well. In the fact that The Kings Men never got a chance to return fire.
There was a lot of threatening action, and possible over-arrogance on their part. Their leader, known as The King, sought to press their advantage right into the Terminators Heavy-Stubbers line of fire, which took down his guard Juve and caused him to flee… into a shot to the back of the head from Dutch.

Other notable moments were Hicks shooting another ganger from a fair distance while his Marine Buddy Todd just missed.
And where was Rambo during all of this? Running around in tunnels which is almost as natural as McClane checking out the local lift shafts!

What did they earn for all their efforts? Some Flak Armour!