I am my own biggest fan: Part 2

I have been playing a game for a while now, taken breaks and gone back to it several times. Gotten irritated, ragequit and gone back. There are two things that make me keep going back to it. Most of it is the influence and sales tactics of Dave, the fact that my sister plays and my character.

I had been playing the game before I made this particular character, but it was just that a game. Since making the character this post is about, it has become so, so much more. When you say the word Gaak, or think it. You’d probably be thinking of someone being sick or something that comes out of someone’s nose. I think of pride, honor, war and falling out of The Nexus.

I couldn’t find any screengrabs of Gaak, so here is some art that my sister did of him.

This was drawn after he got his first epic sword. He still has it.

Although Gaak is indeed a World of Warcraft character, there is so much more to him than just running about in dungeons getting better gear.
Yes, he does indeed go running around dungeons getting epics, but these dungeons are more of a past thing. Hunting for treasures and things that just look damned cool to keep in his bank.
I like progressing with him, who wouldn’t, but it’s not what makes the game the game and isn’t what makes him Gaak.

He has a guild as well, which is amazing fun to be in. Treasure Hunter Inc. It was founded with the help of his apprentice Treasure Hunter Djemah. A mage that has as much of a love for Shiny things as Gaak does. Among them is Kettriken, a very bitter Death Knight and Gretchin, the priest. Darkshield, a paladin who says nothing and Forix another Forsaken mage who thinks he is still a Blood Elf. At one point all of Gaak’s friends were Death Knights, this was a very confusing time for the warrior.
In game, whenever something goes wrong it is Gaaks fault, regardless of the fact that it is or not!
I have been blamed for PvP going wrong, raids failing and character name stealing! (I kid you not, they we’re Ghack and whispered me to tell me I stole their name. I have had Gaak for a couple of years now.)

We are a crazy bunch.
We have fun.

Gaak… also known as Gaaaaaaaaaaaaak whenever he logs on, has really made WoW come alive for me. I fangirl over him, because he is amazing. He is Gaak. I have had a heap of fun roleplaying as him with various unsuspecting people. (People I know In the Real World, who didn’t know I was playing Gaak) This makes for rather interesting conversation with the real people once they have told you working for Trolls makes your “thingy” green.

Warcraft wouldn’t be, and isn’t, the same if I do not play as Gaak.

“/y Thunderfury

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