Weekly Necromunda Report: 4

Although this game happened right after the first fight, I thought I would save posting about it until now.

It was the second clash of The Expendables and The Kings Men. Strange battle this one, but another victory for The Expendables, but at something of a cost. John McClane was savagely wounded after going two rounds with two of the Kings Men. (Harry the Hand and “Ratty”) Knocked to the floor, beating and bleeding but not out! You can never keep a good John McClane down… for long. Gnarly bastard took several hits after charging a much more combat orientated dude. Then the Juve Ratty joined in.

This earned McClane an “Old Battle Wound” and “True Grit.”

Sadly, Rambo didn’t get the chance to show off his sneaky tactics, there will be time.

Hicks and Sgt Todd did what they could, while Dutch and Terminator just blew some shit away.

The Kings Men really need to work on their leadership skills, due to their cowardice their Juve; Ratty was kidnapped by The Expendables and is being held for a ransom of 90 Credits. Rambo doesn’t not approve,. but Hicks has taken a leaf out of Hudsons’ book and thinks we should “Smoke this rat-fuck son of a bitch right now.”

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