Enjoying the party?

Some work in progress scratchboard images for a Cocktail Party. An extension to a Summer Project in which we had to design several characters. We’ve now got to gather these characters together and host a party for them.

As a test and for practise the ferret character was originally drawn and etched into black scratch board.

It was then drawn on the white scratchboard, but I didn’t like the face on the original (right) so re-did the entire process for some better results.

As a part of the party we have to draw a self portrait as a host. Naturally finding a traditional self portrait a little uninspiring. (I feel I am boring to look at, very normal looking person me!) I designed myself as a magpie. As above the black scratchboard version is as a test and to practise the art.

Here is the final version of the Magpie Jenn which will be scanned in and imported into the final cocktail party.

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