Soundtrack of my years

Well, maybe only the past two.

When you write a 7 – 10k word document on a film you have to pick the right one. You don’t want to pick a film that you’ll get fed up of or loose inspiration to write about after the fifth viewing.

So when I decided to explore a personal favourite film of mine for my University dissertation it was a bit of a gamble. Especially after listening to the sound track a lot up in the studio space. Now I am diving deeper and deeper into the world of Genetic Consumerism, I am loving it. The film in question is none other than Repo! The Genetic Opera. While usually my fangirling has a single and direct focus for a single character at any given point. My obsession with Repo! has taken an entirely different stance. It is the exception to the usual fangirly rulings of the Jenn.

I adore the film for it’s entirety and I never thought for a single moment of making up an OC to fit into the world and be a “self insert” for a particular character; yet I still class myself as a fangirl for the movie. Just proves that it can be done. You don’t have to be reduced to a squealing mess just to appreciate something. Maybe it is because I was introduced to Repo! as an adult and don’t have any real nostalgic feelings towards it just yet. I approach Repo! in an entirely professional manner due to what I have to write about it. So to mix it with blind passion and fangirlism would just be a horrific mistake. Does that mean I love it any less? Not at all!

I guess, if I was forced to choose though, it would totally be Luigi! Love a man with a passion for violence!

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