The smallest victories.

We’ve been tasked with a very quick turnaround editorial illustration. Which has been a fun challenge. The idea has been to produce a rough for a newspaper article about how achieving small goals in the work place motivates a work force as opposed to one larger target.

As a solution to this brief I chose something rather simple for design and chose to depict two mountains. One larger and one smaller, with the smaller having a flag in it in order to show victory over the smaller of the two goals.

Working on scratch board the original image is 25mm x 27.5mm. (You can tell it’s a rough because I worked on black scratch board)
Let me know what you think.

2 responses to “The smallest victories.”

  1. I can see what you are getting at here
    concept's fine but visually could have more impact

    have you tried variations .. lots of small hills versus one big one? long flagpoles, more variety of flags

    also try drawing/ scratching away all the negative space .. (its a bit grim)

    the scratchy edge is attractive .. try and keep that visible process


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