Truth be told

Whenever it comes to something to fan girl over, I usually fall for the bad guy, or the guy that dies. Which tends to be the bad guy! It’s either that or the absolute hero, but that it another tale.

Over the weekend I had my sister visiting, which is always a guarentee for good and fun times. We revisited several things from our youth which brought back all sorts of memories and things that I really need to post about. As such, the first stop on this trip is non-other than one of the most highly rated sociopathic antagonists ever created.

I couldn’t find a picture of what I wanted him doing.

I remember having this huge thing for Wesker many, many years ago. I wrote many fanfictions with him in; with how his company sent him to work before his transformation into whatever he was turning into wasn’t complete yet. (This was before RE:CV was even out.) And how he was actually involved in RE:3 behind the scenes. It was a good heap of laughs.

I also had this running joke how my character representation at the time; Kaede, had her own “Pet Wesker” to assist her in her lab work with the Syphid Corporation, but his eye kept falling out. The Syphid Corportation was a group of friends who I played Phantasy Star Online with, and spoke with over MSN. We had all the making of being amazing, and I guess in our own way we were! It was quirky good fun times, and I think I still have a part of the second part of ‘Syphid Corps: The Anime, part 2.” on my PC somewhere, which I read over when I am feeling nostalgic.

Kaede was an assassin; but her true passion lay with creating monsters in a lab, so she turned to biological warfare when joining the Syphid Corportation. (Which was ran by Syphid, a small black cat with an unhealthy addiction to coffee.)

How Wesker really tied into it all, I don’t overly know! I just remember being a huge Resident Evil nut at the time and mostly over Wesker. Probably because he had that bad-ass, evil appeal to him which gets me every time.

I moved on; as I have tended to do in the past, but have since become friends with Shakahnna
who is still on Weskers case, so I am pleased that I still get to draw and work with Wesker from time to time, though not always in a way that he would like! His relationship with Shakahnna is not a “sunshine and lollipops” one. It’s just nice to see that someone out there is giving the guy some attention still!

Also playing him on Marvel vs Capcom 3 was just the most hilarious thing ever. Espeically playing on simple mode and spamming a certain special move over and over again!
Fun times!!

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