Reinvention of the Soul

Or, maybe more turning back the clock and back-pacing a bit!

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of going to see The Circus of Horrors at the Lincoln Theatre Royal. The theatre is less than a five minute walk away from where I currently live so it would be ultimately rude of me not to go.
I have been to see Dr Haze and his collection of entertaining acts a few times in the past, but mostly while I was at college or just past it; which feels like a lifetime ago now, but then it was about 8 years ago!

It was a great thrill to see it all again after so long, and the new acts were just as delightfully disturbing!

The show has certainly sparked off my imagination again and I love it! Moreso, I am enjoying reading Dr. Hazes’ Auto Biography and learning more about the man that has inspired me to do some interesting and fun things with my own artwork. (I Zombie)

I am also happy to announce that The Circus of Horrors is in Manchester 3 days before my birthday; so I shall be going along to that showing as well! I am excited about it already!
It has been really wonderful to re-live this aspect of my life and I honestly don’t want to put it down again!

What was even better about this particular show?
At the end of it, as everyone was leaving several of the acts at the end of it were thanking people for coming along; including Dr. Haze. I got to speak to the man and shake his hand. That just felt really special to me. Shaking the hand of someone you’ve had as an inspiration in the back of your mind since 2003! Amazing.

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