Bridging the gap.

Lately I have been trying to bridge the gab between my online life and my real life. I realised, that it is only the other half of me that is schizophrenic, and this really needs to stop.

I am also trying to stop the gap between my anthro and online art and the art that I do for my illustration.
Purely because it does my head in being at the studio all day working on one form of art then coming home and seeming to forget about all the stuff I have created throughout the day and do something completely different.
I can still do artwork fo the things I love, but in my own style rather than fumble along, ramming my head against a brick wall and coming to blows with myself.

I also need to get over my fear of drawing people.
As such, I have been doodling some random fan art.
These are only the start of a developing style, so while they may not be explosively brilliant, they are a turning point for me. So, I felt I should blog about them here.

Sooner or later, I will pluck up the courage and merge this blog with my Illustration one and there will only be one Jenn. The Jenn.

Lance Henriksen as Bishop (Aliens)

Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester (Addams Family)

I am also going to have to think about watermarking and signing things properly and not adding my name as an after thought.

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