Because this place is partially a sketch blog as well as my thoughts on various peices of rubish…

I sometimes can feel a bit bad when I go off ona tangent with my fangirliness. I feel that sometimes I should do something involving something else I fangirl over. I’ve not done much with Rambo lately, but when I was I felt bad for not doing anything related to anything else. So at the moment with my being all into my Space Marines; I adore it, but I also feel bad.

I initially started this portrait right after the one of Uthor; but my PC threw a fit and crashed, thus I had to restart.
I am pleased to be getting more of my Chapter drawn out.
Lucas is one of my Tactical Marine Sergeants.
I’ve never drawn him before, but I can understand if some people get him confused with his battle-brother Rafen. Their likeness and facial scars bring about confusion; much to their delight.

I have had preminiary thoughts on a fiction involving him and his brother as well; but I shall have to see what sort of timing I get and all that jazz.
Also, getting up early near killed me!

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