Have you ever….?

While I wait for my mouth to cool down atfer eating a jalapeno sadwich, I thought I would update my blog; and make the post about something other than 40K

Lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying a game on my Xbox called Dragonage. When it comes to games I am pretty easy to please. I like plot, substance, a decent fighting system, character development and eye-candy!

So, imagine my thrill when in Dragonage, you meet Alistair. Young, witty and actually; not bad on the eyes!

Of course, I think the reason I like Alistair may have to do with the fact that he is indeed a templar. Which just joins up the fact that I adore a man in heavy-amrour, has connections to faith and knows how to wield the whole sword and board thing.

He is also decidedly charming and can take a joke. Which is always a bonus.
Sometimes it feels nice to be all fangirly over someone that isn’t Mr. Serious all the time.
There are levels you know? Know when to work hard, and know when to switch off. Getting the balence is key!

So yeah. I doubt anything will come of this fangirliness, cause I sadly don’t have the energy to put into it right now like I normally do, but it was lovely that Candleshy drew me a little picture of him on a napkin; it was adorable! I’ll see if I can get it off my phone somehow and share with you. (DeJa Vu feeling for some reason… have I blogged about Alistair before?)

Hmmm, so it seems most of my spare time will be spent on Dragon Age for a while, so can get to know him a little better. Who know’s what may come of this. Probably nothing. Darn.

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