An Innocent Man – Guest Post

So, here I am, back again in the realm of fangirling. Ah it’s good to be back and distracted from what I am supposed to be doing.
There are differences this time, I have to admit. I seem to have breached the stereotype of long white haired bad asses, Khan, I’m looking at you. This time the one who’s caught my eye is a completely clueless, yet rather adorable angel type going by the name of Castiel (Supernatural). I’ll not go into all the gruesome details of the discussion I had with Jenn on here but we both came to the same conclusion, we are both suckers for an innocent.
Her current obsession, Alistair (Dragon Age) is so hopelessly naïve with ladies that it verges on embarrassment. The diverting of innuendo via the use of how great cheese is and the wonderful advantages of licking lamp-posts in winter with all the social ease of the clueless is somehow endearing.

Castiel is no different, I refer of course to episode Free to be You and Me, in which Dean drags, and I mean drags, Castiel to a ‘den of iniquity’ so he can lose his virginity before he dies. What follows is a cringe-worthy scene as Dean tries to get the clueless angel laid. He fails, miserably and Cas remains his clueless self. Bless. Cas’s appeal, to me at least, comes from his lack of knowledge of how to act around humans. He does try, I mean, really try, but he just falls short of the mark. Of course, he is also physically very attractive, and a bad-ass to boot which goes a long way to make me fangirl!

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