I will devour you.

There is no point in hiding, or trying to be coy about this. I once had the biiggest crush on Pinhead going. I actually still have it going somewhere in the darkest pits of my soul. To the point where I cannot listen to Disturbed and not mention the Cenobites. I swear, Disturbed are endorced by Leviathan.
Once upon a time, when I wasn’t afraid of the world or going to these places, I went to London Sci-Fi and Comic Convention and heard Pinhead giving a talk (Read as Doug Bradley) This was an absolute highlight of my life. He answered questions on the movie, said a few Pinhead quotes and even answered the inevitable “Will you read my fan-script?” question with grace.
After the talk he did a book signing; his book is actually pretty fascinatng about the history of stage and film make-up. Interesting, if you like that sort of thing. (Obviously, I do) I got to ask Doug about how he found working with Lance Henriksen; so to speak of Lance to Doug was pretty fun; but honestly I was mostly star-struck throughout.
The moment of my life, the reason I shall die happy soon followed. I got to have my photograph taken with Mr. Bradley; and had my hand on his ass.
A true moment of fangirly glory!
Oh Leviathan, your whore is not worthy!!

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