I should really update my illustration blog, but whenever I go to the page to do so, I get distracted by this one.

Recently, I have been talking a fair bit about my artstuffs.
I have always had these guilt compulsions that I do not draw for other people enough; I do not present my friends with enough gifts or the likes.

I realised today, that I do not actually care if I come across as selfish or self absorbed. That sounds WAY harsher than it is! I think that all artist are that little bit self obsessed and absorbed; we love sharing our ideas with people and letting others see what we create. Therefore we feel compelled to create more and share that with the world. Maybe it really is just me? It takes a lot of effort for me to draw someone elses character, purely because I could be spending that time drawing mine.
This doesn’t mean to say that I hate drawing for other people because I really don’t. I just have to be in the right mood for it; or really inspired.
I have a couple of pictures that I have planned to do for other people. One is a GYPO trade with my sister and another is for my “Wifey” anniversairy on Sat! Both of these will probably be private artworks for said people and I am looking forward to doing them.
Sadly, the work is also mounting up and I really need to crack on with some of it now!

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