This weekend was pretty damned cool.
Sat epsecially.
During the day I saw the Chuckle Brothers at the theatre with the family, which is always a treat.
In the evening, I went to see the Avengers a second time; with different company.

I enjoyed the film the first time around; lots of fast paced action which really gets the blood pumping, but the second time aaround, what can I say, it was time for me to get my perv on.

Noting my past tastes in characters it really should come as no suprise that the object of my fangirlyness is none other than Thor; I had gone on my viking/norse fangirling on here haven’t I? No!? Well, that is a post for another day then!!

Surely my readers know about my adoration for Thunder Hammers? (And Power fists?) I know for a fact that I have said about them… fact that the leader of my own army is called Uthor and not Uther should have been picked up by someone out there?

Of course this movie does have a lot of eye candy in it  for everyone. I know for a fact that one of my friends is a big fan of Mr. Stark; another a fan of Mr. America. Naturally because I am better than everyone else I find myself attracted to the God! La~~

There was another point to this film that I wanted to bring up.

The Tesseract

I wasn’t overly sure how to react to it.
A small, energy filled cube that can be held in your hands.
A doorway to another world or dimension.
That brings with it nothing but pain.

Who would have thought?

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