Art Update

Today I managed to get some time to do some drawing/creating.
I’ve been working a bit on some character designs so that I can use them to play about with various different media.
The first character I am using is a rabbit. She was fun to do some sketching of (This is a more refined image of her. One day I will be brave enough to actually upload some full on sketches)
A similar pose, but sketched onto watercolour paper and painted with Watercolours and touched up with colour pencils and fine liners. This is a technique that I am looking to experiment with a little further. Also need to find a better way of image sharing it on the web, my scanner doesn’t seem to be to fond on it.
I feel that this is mostly safe territory for me. When I first started drawing I used colour pencils and fine liners; but it’s always a good thing to revisit these adventures and get something new out of them; like texture, that is somewhere I am also going to explore. Same character again, in a similar pose.
A bonus Deer Sketch. A hint to another character to play with?

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