A video-gamers headache

I feel like I should have noticed this fine piece of gaming art sooner, but sadly I am not all that observant when it comes to loading/log in screens. Patch notes are something that I constantly overlook!
But, I noticed today. Better late than never!
I feel like I am something of an outcast when it comes to Blizzard. I’m not one of the types that instantly hates change. Which is something that I have noticed with Blizzard game players. For whatever reason they seem to detest when a new expansion comes out or a new game isn’t exactly the same as the previous one.
This is clearly illustrated in the comments about this statue.
On the other hand, Blizzard fans are labelled as “Brain-Washed Blizztards,” for blindly following and buying Blizzards games without being able to think for themselves if the game is any good or not.
I am neither.
I brought Diablo 3 because I got it free for subscribing to WoW for a year. Annoyingly, I hardly played WoW for that year. Not because I thought Cataclysm was a bad addition to the WoW series; but because most of the people I played with moved on. I had a brief reprisal to play Alliance for a change, but that was all.
I’ve not bothered with Mists of Pandaria, but not because of the popular opinion of “Pandas are retarded,” or because “The glory days of Vanilla WoW are long gone,” it’s purely because I don’t have the time or funds to play a subscription based MMO.
Somehow Diablo 3 got a pretty bad reception. (Personally I am a fan) I will admit the fact that you are constantly online isn’t something that will please everyone, but you must be a really rare case to still be using dial-up internet; most Mobile Phones have better internet capabilities at this time.
Still, it might be annoying for some. Admittedly you can turn off general chat and it feels like you’re playing offline.
I honestly don’t understand the hatred for the game.
Let alone towards a very nicely crafted 3D model.
No. I don’t have $350 spare to buy it.
Would I if I did?
If there was nothing else that I would like, yes.
Personally, I like this particular reworking of Diablo, I like the feminine feel to the Prime Evil, especially seeing as he was born through the embodiment of a female character. It’s very different to the designs of Diablo in D1 & 2; and I like that fact.
I also like the fact that the character classes in Diablo 3 are generally different to the other renditions of the game. It brings D3 to a totally new level, it’s not trying to compete with the previous versions of the game. It doesn’t need to. Diablo 2 was over ten years ago, of course ideas and concepts will have changed since then. It’s just the way of things. They have to move on and improve otherwise they will stagnate. My worst nightmare would be for a graphically updated version of Diablo 1 or 2, I don’t see the point in playing a game with the same story through again. (Especially one like Diablo with different difficult settings that you play through more than once to get the better gear etc.)
Would I like to see old classes return should an expansion ever be released?
Yes, I would. But more so, I would like for new classes to be introduced, and of course more story line.
(I say if ever, because of the amount of moaning and bitching from players, I don’t know if there will be. If the game was actually that awful why should Blizzard invest in an expansion for it?)
I’ve said it before on this blog; things change.
Somehow people just don’t seem to be able to deal with change anymore, so they sit behind their keyboards bitching about it.
My only gripe with Diablo 3 is the story wasn’t as long as I would have liked it to be, but for a game that you play four times over on different difficulty levels would it benefit from being longer? Or would that just get dull quicker? I don’t know.

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