That guilty feeling

I’ve always had this weird feeling when I don’t draw for a couple of days, even if I have very little inspiration for drawing, that my world is going to completely fall apart if I don’t do something.
The hardest part of this is my current schedule.
I go to University on Thursdays get all inspired and want to create and do as much as possible, but I work on Friday and Saturday; so by the tie I get a few minutes on Sunday, I am thinking… “What was it I was inspired with again?”

So imagine by happiness when I managed to get this evening to myself to draw and doodle in.

I am a little down-spirited however.
I just do not seem to be able to connect with Photoshop to draw and get the results that I would like.
I’m not sure where I am going wrong either; but something just isn’t right.
I’ll keep working on it; can’t give up now! No matter how much I miss SAI!

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