Feracil Wolfbane

New Character time!!
As you might tell by the title of this post!

His name is Feracil Wolfbane,a werewolf hunter from the Western Counties; England.
He is also cursed.
Not in the way that his quarry is cursed, but by an entity known as Argur.
Argur is a vicious, violent demon who found Feracil during an unsuccessful hunting trip. Now on most hunting trips the demon usually rears it’s ugly head and through pain renders the Were-Hunter unconscious and takes the kill for himself.

Once upon a time Feracil was happily married, despite his work. However upon becoming host to Argur, the Hunter left his wife without word.
This kinda turned out how I wanted it too.
It’s an image of the demon, Argur, within Feracil. They share a symbiotic relationship and Argur lives within Feracil; and breaks free whenever it desires (Usually violently through Feracils back)
The white skull is nothing more than a decoy for attacks and firepower as due to their symbiotic relationship the true weakness for the demon is it’s host.

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