Sorry gang.
I’ve had this twat charming young man has been infected in my brain again recently.
I’ve been working hard on his story; Born to Die
And working out the plot a bit more with it all as well.
I just felt like I should draw him seeing as I’ve been a little neglectful.
I’ve been on a bit of a self-serving fangirly tangent as of late.
More interested in my own original characters than those of others to fangirl over.
I always find this a bit strange as it feels a little bit like I love myself a bit much.
Also, I am totally honoured and over the moon that I am really high-up on the google search for “Warhammer 40K Fangirls”
Thanks guys! You make me feel so proud!
Maybe in the future I can just be a high-up Fangirl when it comes to the search.
Who knows.
One step at a time, hey!
I’ll do a proper update of something fun and interesting soon.


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