I finally got round to seeing this film.
It had been on my hit-list for a while; but time and energies hadn’t allowed me to see it. I’ve heard all manner of things about this movie, both good, bad and indifferent so I’ve also been  little apprehensive about it as well.
In my mind I somehow remember that it was being heralded as the prequel too Alien but somewhere along the line Ridley Scott changed his mind and wanted it to be something original (but set in the same world) Now, Alien is one of those films that is so iconic that it must be difficult to escape the shadow of. I think that it where Prometheus falls flat on it’s face. The film seems so disjointed it can really be felt that the writing got flipped on it’s ass pat way through; there is too much connection with Alien and the world of Alien that it cannot be cleverly masked beneath a slightly different aesthetic. I mean, if it wasn’t meant to be connected with Alien, why throw in Weyland Corporation? I know that sounds like one hell of a negative and as much as I would love to have such a strong opinion as that about Prometheus, I don’t. I honestly cannot make my mind up about it.

On the one hand I’d really like to hate it for the unanswered and obvious plot failings, dreadful one-dimensional and childish characters. The constant trying to find connection with Alien; seeing it only to have it denied was a bit of a pit fall as well.
Yet, I don’t actually hate the film. I can’t bring myself to hate it as much as certain other movies in the franchise. Let’s not tar my blog with mention of AvP 

So, why did I like it?
It’s a very aesthetically appealing movie.
I like the explanation of the Space Jockey and I somehow feel that we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the things. There is actually something very ethereal and pleasing about the design of the Engineer. I kinda feel like someone said; “No Giger, we want something beautiful to contrast with your creation.”
This worked for me. Especially when they show how it degrades and “infects” planets with it’s DNA. Begs the question of if that was Earth at the beginning of the movie, and if they changed their minds because they’ve seen how much of a plague we have become?

There was something else, and maybe it was because I was mostly drunk off red wine at this point, but I found the scene near the end where the Engineer has his foray with the giant face hugger  Trilobite very traumatic. I mean, here is the last of the species (As we know it) that created us fighting and becoming impregnated by the one creature that is known to put the shits up us.
Actually, reflecting on it; can anyone else see links between that and the deleted scene in which Holloway and Shaw fight and then have sex?

(Maybe it’s because I know Giger was involved, but I found these scene mildly erotic)
There really is no doubt about it, Prometheus is one of those films that will sit on my shelf for a long time before I bother watching it again; but there is also something about it that I just want to return to; and it’s not David.
Which is another point entirely, this character… exceptionally well played, but certainly no Bishop. Fassbender plays the part of synthetic well but the characters motivations confuse me. I still don’t know why he poisoned Holloway, other than the fact that he asked how far the man would go to get his answers? Maybe that is all there is to it, David wanted to help Holloway find his answers in death? Or possibly a “Fountain of Youth” deal was going on.
Vickers was awesome… and I was glad that her humanity was questioned when it came to the “robot” question of her, as it was my own question about her. She certainly acted that idea well and I am still questioning her. David was called a son by Weyland, why not have a daughter programmed as well?
I think what Prometheus needs and could really benefit with is another part to it, I don’t know if this is in hand or not. I’ve not looked.
I’d certainly like to know more about the Engineers.
(What’s that? You want to know more about well-muscled space men? That’s not like you!)
I feel like I’m just like the talkings and rumours that I’d heard even before seeing the film; I don’t know what to make of it and I cannot give a strong opinion on the film other than it has me baffled.
Neither good nor bad, but I don’t want to label it as average either.
I may have to betray my own words and watch it again and see what I make of it a second time around.


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