I am my own biggest fan! – Part 3 – Orcs

I touched on this in my last post.
But I have this really weird thing for Orcs.
I have half an idea where it came from, and that place was “March of Chaos” A PC strategy game that my boyfriend and I played through at some point when we lived together in Hull.

The game made me think; “I am going to make an Orc Warrior character on WoW.”
That character, was Gaak.

Ever since his creation I’ve had a strange connection to the Orc world, and enlightenment as it were. And possibly a sympathy?

In recent weeks I’ve been exploring this species, and have made several characters who just so happen to be orcs.

There is Krothu; He is from a story that I’ve not even really started writing yet. More a traditional fantasy deal involving wizard, tournaments and axes.

“John” – From a modern fantasy setting which involves him being some sort of diplomat. I drew the character once and it never got any further than that

(John, the modern day diplomat orc)

and Gurick.

Gurick has just flooded himself with my brain.
Another Urban fantasy setting character, but more involved with the gritty, scuminess of the world. Gang warfare and all that sort of interested bullshiz that 51st State left an impression of on my mind.
He and his friends have been very interesting to have talking to me as they’re all very interesting and inter connected.
I’d like to share some of their dealings and deeds with you, but I am currently uncertain where I can actually host such things due to their more adult content? Any pointers on this would be epic!

I should be honest here, I didn’t expect to stumble upon Gurick, mostly due to the fact that I had silly preconceptions that Saints Row the Third would be shit! (Don’t ask how these are related, fangirl will enlighten you)
The cheapest way to buy a copy of Space Marine was to buy it in a package with two other games. (Saints Row the Third and… something else.) Somehow, I caught wind of Saints Row having a really good character creation process of options – seeing as this is what my Masters is about (And now my blogs blur again) I thought it would be good research to check it out.
Thus, me being me, I made an Orc character… and got hooked on the game as well as the idea of developing my own Urban Fantasy.

I shall see about getting some footage of him doing the stuff he does best, throwing himself out the front of his car window ever wanted a reason to stop the Jenn from driving, this is it!  beating the shit out of people that don’t like him. Or maybe a picture will suffice.
Either way, this character has transcended the binds of the world in which he originated from (Just like Gaak and WoW) and has become something that little bit more for me; I am still trying to understand this process.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention Graal, another orc character of mine originating from a Pathfinder RP. Probably the catalyst for rekindling my Orcish obsession

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