The days research.. so far.

I’ve had a pretty focused morning; those that know me well enough know that I am not always a morning person – they also know that I can be a morning person but everything about me tends to be completely random and nothing is ever really fixed about my routines (Other than what others have put into place)

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve been having some thoughts lately; about the whole blogging thing and how to get a bit more interaction on here: I run another blog. I actually struggle with bridging the gaps between my illustration – something that I still view that should be professional –  which is totally wrong. My work should be fun as well. Yet I somehow have the need to keep these worlds apart, even though at the same time the bridge should be blown up and in the resulting explosions the two things should fuse together to become some horrendous monster of a thing that is so totally Jenn that it cannot be denied! I just don’t know how to use C4!

Again with the digression.

The research this morning has taken me on a slightly strange tangent.
I’ve been looking at different forms of character creation.

One avenue I have been looking at is characters created for use in predefined worlds. Mostly character sheets for RP games at this stage, and the development (Or lack of) that can go into these characters that players live out the lives of.

Character sheet from the Fantasy Flight game Dark Heresy
The above is a blank example of a character sheet.
As a player of these games, I always have a connection to the character that I am assuming the role of. Even if that character is just a simple Taxi-Driver from a single session, or a big barbarian Orc that smashes things and keeps everyone alive.
It’s a difficult thing to explain but it is something that I shall look into at some point.
Maybe a session involving character creation as a part of the game (This has been done with my group, but I need to write up about it still) or a game where everyone creates a character and then we swap characters to see how we feel about the character they’re given – and seeing how the character the player has developed plays in someone else’s hands – might be an interesting experiment.
In other news I received an email with various character descriptions in it from Debbie Rushby’s writing club. They’re brilliant descriptions written by a range of ages 7 – 10 (And a bonus one from Miss Rushby herself!)
I am looking forward to creating some characters from the descriptions of others; especially because of the challenge of some of these descriptions.
Alex Horricks – 7
“Lennon the Army man.
There was a man called Lennon who was in the army. He was 12 years old (this must seem ancient when your 7) from Scotland. His hair is bright orange.”
An example of what I am having to work with for these.
I’m going to be writing some of my own as well, maybe connected to some of the more personal projects that I have going on?
So I can get a handle on that C4 that I mentioned earlier!!

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3 responses to “The days research.. so far.”

  1. Have you come across the FATE system's at all? (e.g. Dresden Files roleplaying game)

    They tend to involve creating characters as a group around Aspect's and shared backgrounds, after filling in your local world together. Aspects are used as a mechanic in play, so when you look at the sheet as see your aspects are “A Liar and a Cheat”, “All Debts Come Due”, “That's Because I'm Russian”, “Heir To The Lexis Empire” and “I'm Just a Face in the Crowd”, you have a good idea about what defines your character, drives them and causes them problems.


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