Sorry for the absence.

I made the very silly decision to delete my blog.
Thankfully, blogger keeps deleted blogs for a while and lets you undelete them
Which is what just happened.

So, over on good olde facebook, I posted this status:

“Remind me never to look at Boromir related stuff on Tumblr ever again… tears in my eyes… clearly still not over that enough to talk about it!”

So, here I am, ready to pour my heart and soul out about this man finally, I think.
We shall see.

First, let me start off with saying that I have been on a bit of a Tolkien high lately. Mostly after being asked if I would roleplay as a certain Dwarf over on OneWorldRoleplay. Whenever I am asked to take on a certain role that I do no know or understand I do my very best to research the role… thats by the by.

It is a very well known fact of my fangirlings that my favourite character always dies. So, when I went to see the first Lord of the Rings movie way back in 2001 (Time flies, huh?) I was certain that with Boromir I was on to a winner. I really should have known better, because… Sean Bean.
I can honestly say that death is one of the most soul shattering, tear jerking things that I’ve ever witnessed. No, seriously. Here is a man so determined to restore honour and dignity to his people he would sacrifice his humanity to do it – sure it could be said that was the One Ring talking to him, making him be a bit of a jerk to Frodo about it; I’m rambling now, I know it.

Why did Tumblr (Of all strange internet places) almost make me break down while at University?




I think this pretty much sums it up.
Did Boromir deserve to die?
I can’t answer that really.
But, I do know he needed to.
Seeing the death of someone you care about strengthens your own personal resolve. You don’t want to fail them, or their death would be in vain.
Boromir was such a person to the Fellowship.

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