Second Life


It’s been a while since I posted about my adventures on Second Life on here. Generally I keep hush-hush about it as I feel that there is some great taboo about being on there again.
But I’ve always found it an rather fascinating place – as both a creative outlet for myself, as well as for others. I’ve been getting more and more into the SL photography side of things; finding wonderfully created places by other user and photographing my avatar (Whichever form she or he comes in) just to see what I can do with them.
This is the current look of my avatar Leiliel. Some sort of unusual alien in the zone of Hazardous.
I always feel that I should dive deeper into the world that SL offers me, but like I said earlier there is that strange feeling of taboo. Like I will wander off the deep and and find all those horror stories you hear people telling.
I also think that is difficult for some people to understand Second Life, and even being a part of an online community at all.  It’s not like an MMO (Or other games.) where there is some sort of goal at the end of it. No boss to defeat and then game over – well done, life accomplished. It’s like life… it just is.
People will come and go in it; as I have done in the past. And some will remain. Will I remain forever this time? I doubt it, I am in no great hurry to leave but I know that the First Life will get in the way and things will one day have to change.
One thing that I have found though, is that people are a lot more open in a lot of respects. They’re there exploring aspects of themselves that they can never find in First Life for one reason or another and once you get them to open up and talk to you about these things. They can be the most fascinating people that you’ll ever have the good fortune to talk to.
As we all know, I am very much a character driven person and Second Life is full of them – fictional and non.
I shall speak more on this when I feel I have something more fleshed out; keep an eye out for it!


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