Star Trek: Some thoughts

If it may not be obvious already I am on a bit of a Star Trek high. It’s been good fun these past few days doodling some fan art and coming up with a joint personal project with Deb – a little motivation for us both to keep us going with the creating.

As such, I was watching a random episode today (Plato’s Stepchildren) and it made me realise just how innocent it all is. I don’t see this as a bad thing though. It’s refreshing to sit and watch something that has a really basic idea as a plot. “Today we’re going to go to this planet and discover random element X.” Seeing something branch out from such a basic starting point and have a story to it without the fast paced twists and turns.
While I enjoy the more in-depth plots, sometimes it’s nice to watch something that doesn’t leave you on a cliff-hanger questioning everything that happened.

But you know something.
It’s the character aspect that I enjoy the most about Star Trek


You’ve got your main crew who’re reliable themselves.
No devious sub-divisions of a character.
No one here is trying to do anything for their own gain.
They aren;t trying to take over the Universe, nor are they going to betray what you think their character is about and flip 360 on you yelling “surprise!”
Isn’t this normally what is seen as a one-dimensional character – a generally frowned upon idea when it comes to writing/characters?
The concepts for the characters themselves aren’t even all that original.
A pro-life doctor, an engineer who loves his ship, a fencing oriental and a captain who puts his crew before himself… and oh… lets give the alien among us pointed ears to make him different!
They aren’t exactly inspiring concepts!
And yet.
Together, somehow it all works. They mesh almost seamlessly. What holes one character leaves another fills. Spock, the emotionless is counteracted perfectly with McCoys over emotional/caring statements and together they act as two conscious’ for Captain Kirk.
Evaluating something like Trek; even as a simple thing isn’t easily done. Partially due to age of the series. Times have changed a lot since the innocent (yet challenging) days of Treks release. Yet we’ve recently been given the treat of some renewed movies.
It might be interesting to do a direct compare and contrast with the two offerings.
They’re the same characters, just offered in different ways and portrayed by different actors; which is an interesting thought in itself.
How to keep something the same and true to character, but renew them for a fresh audience?
These are the difficulties that character designers and creators have to face!
And we love it!!

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