Well, that was disappointing,

I was feeling all enthusiastic this morning.
I had a plan!

That was to get Easy Paint tool SAI going again on my old laptop.
I’ve always felt a bit… “Meh” about Photoshop and it’s arting abilities. Mostly because I find the inking/lining process to feel a bit cluncky in it. It’s hard to explain, but SAI has a really nice lining function, you can smooth out your lines without them being all shaky. Which is harder to do in photoshop.

Or so I thought.

I tell you something, I was over the moon to get it all going again and was thrilled to be able to line something half decently.

When it came to shading.
The program just fell flat on it’s ass. Unless I want to try my hand at cell shading – which doesn’t really seem to suit my art direction anymore.

(Soltash a WoW character for Cerzz)
So, it’s fine if I’d like to do any sort of flat colouring with no depth, but I feel that I have progressed on from that now.
Like flats – they have their uses like burning through a heap of artwork you’d like to have coloured quickly, or for references, but for finished artwork… it looks unfinished in my humble opinion.
(Nathaniel – looking his happy cheerful self.)
Compare the two images in this post, what do you all think?
So, I’ll be plugging the Mac back in and once again trying to get my head around the mammoth task of understanding Photoshop!
Whoever can I get to help me with such an undertaking?
*eyes Feracil*
Long time no see my tormented old friend!!


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