I am my own biggest fan – part 4

Sometimes, you just happen to stumble across a creation that actually excites you.
I’ve had a character like that for some time now. I think I originally created him in 2011 which isn’t really all that long ago in the grand scheme of creating characters. He is actually fairly new compared to many that i have put out there.
But he certainly has that spark about him.

I use him for roleplaying on a game called Furcadia. Which is a game that I have enjoyed for many, many years. Sadly it has been in a slow decline for a while now – losing out to other ‘better looking’ games and other more welcoming communities.
Furcadia has this underlying community of snark – many of the players are young, the rest have been there for a long time. This seems to create a divide where it seems acceptable to micky take out of others characters. Yes, there are some characters you come across on there that you cannot help but think; “What the Hell?” about, but generally, you should keep these thoughts to yourself and not feel the need to exploit them and post them on negative tumblrs!

Anyway, that is enough of that tangent and expressing my slight irritation.

The character I am on about is Frey – I have mentioned him briefly in the past but never really gone into any details about him.

(Frey, artwork from 2012)
Frey was originally created for a collaborative Roleplay project between myself and Fry called World of Oure, this idea sadly fell through when we both discovered we do not have the time to dedicate to it.Though I would love to get it back up and running some time as the whole idea of a Futuristic-Dystopian-Norse RP setting really thrills the snot out of me!
And so, rather than waste the concept of Frey – which I very quickly grew attached to and excited about I purchased the alt for Furcadia – I think he cost something like $10 –  and I started roleplaying.
I’ve looked back a couple of times, and I’ve also gone through a fair chunk of time when I’ve not roleplayed as him. At others I have been hesitant to log in as him, purely because I’ve not been in the mood. then there was that period where I didn’t even want to look at Furcadia at all due to the fact that it reminded me of someone who I would rather not speak about.
However, I recently returned to the world of Furcadia and to RPing on Frey.
Thus far it has been one hell of an enjoyable blast! Hearing from the old faces I used to speak with has been an added joy that I did not expect to have. Being given wonderful compliments about my character is also a real joy as it generally introduces me to other people to roleplay with.
Though, there are tricky times as well. Although Frey is meant to be a big, combat type character, I do not deal with conflict overly well. And I do not know how I can overcome this from a roleplay point of view, not on this character.

So in light of this dilemma, I have created a new character to develop through roleplay – I enjoy this form of character development.

(Artwork by Seven11art)
When creating a character like this, what I do is get the basics down and let the In Character choices that he makes inform him as a whole – it’s like them telling you who they are as you go along. In a really geeky way it can be pretty exciting.

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