Sketch Update

I think a part of being an artist is also to constantly feel guilty.
I am certain I am not the only one that thinks, I should do more.
Create more, draw more, sketch more Just More than what I do now.

Even if I spend every moment of the day drawing, I just feel that I can push those extra five minutes before turning the light off at the end of the day.

Today, has been one such day.

I started this sketch the other evening – I find that afternoon and evenings are my ‘office hours’

Sorry for the bad quality photograph, I sadly do not own an A3 scanner.
I’ve been feeling a little low lately about artwork related things; wondering how to pick up from that low led me to rediscover my love for Inked lines and Colour Pencils again. So I set out on drawing a piece that was entirely for myself. Of all the characters that are currently in my heart and head, gathering them all together in one image.
The picture has no progressed from the sketch onto the inking stage and is coming along rather nicely.
I shall take another photograph tomorrow when the light is better and share it again – probably in a Newsletter for those who read them. (Sign up link is on the side bar)
Hopefully the final image will be done within the week.

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