I’ve been having a bit of fun lately as an Orc on Second Life.

It’s a strange thing to say in a way, because SL is really geared up for those who wish to conform to a set standard – looking as glamorous as possible in order to have really bad cybersex! (This is my opinion of the game, but you know)

So, being on there as something as unconventional as an Orc isn’t easy. My Orc is also called Gaak, which might explain a few of the problems I have been having, if you recall one of my earlier posts

I’ve had abuse shouted out me for looking weird as well as people asking “WTF is that!?” to their friends while I am in ear shot; it seems that the one thing human nature can’t get away from is the high-school need to belittle someone else to make themselves feel better. Admittedly during the earlier days of SL it wasn’t easy looking good as an Orc – there are still parts of my avatar that I would like to change, but due to a real lack of building skills on my part on there I am reliant on others; thus see my previous note about the general consensus being to look as good as possible.

I am doing all right.
At least, I think I am!

More recently, I’ve found somewhere I can call home as well. A place spreading over several sims called Avilion. Primarily a role-play Sim – friends are often best found while In Character, a place I can explore, develop my character beyond that of World of Warcraft (It’s been so long since I WoWed I’d like to extend Gaak beyond it, finally) and speak with friendly like minded people. MOst I have seen thus far are either Elven or Human – so it’s really great to be the one thinking outside of that oh so cliche box!
Also, it’s really good to be able to explore somewhere on my Horse with enough open space I don’t get stuck on the side of some random nightclub!
The great thing about my horse? It’s so big two people can ride it, now that is a lot of fun!
I don’t know really how my friends who knew me from other avatars think about my new lease of second life, but I know that I am enjoying it. It’s nice to be able to go places and not have to have this strange front of feeling like a liar or having to hide anything from anyone. Everyone I meet knows I am not an Orc in my Real Life; so there is that freedom of being able to not hide anything – I have stated in my real life biography exactly who I am. My true gender, my age, my status of soon to be married!
It’s liberating
But at the same time I can completely understand why other people like to keep their real lives hidden.
I’ve said more than once that SL is fantastic for those who cannot express their true bodies on the outside as they can on the in. (I am mostly speaking of transgendered, but I suppose it works the same for otherkin as well – I’ve not explored that aspect yet)
I just hope that I can go to more ‘normal’ places and not have abuse spouted my way for it… would be fund to take the Orc to a titty bar or something sometime!!


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