So, I noticed after writing my last post I’ve not shared the artwork I did of Krothu, the main character from Kingdom of Miracien; nor have I said anything about the project on here.

I blame my old Blog Personality Disorder.


This particular Orc is from a story/project that I am kinda working on called Kingdom of Miracien.
This is the briefest and most casual synopsis you’ll ever read.
“It’s a fantasy setting, main character is an Orc, married to a Queen who visits another country under the guise of peace treaties. He generally has to keep himself covered cause Orcs aren’t accepted by humans (Obviously) The orc shows himself to be a noble and capable fighter, through tournaments and all that flashy shiz and bonds with the people they’re visiting. He finds out his wife is actually on the war rampage and wants to overtake this place; so he betrays her and fights with the people not this horrendous woman. I guess there is some other stuff in there as well?”



I’ve been working a bit more on the other characters, as Krothu isn’t in the story from the word go.
It’s a challenge, but I am enjoying it – I’d like to try sketching some of the other characters. Namely  Leonde and Jociel; the crowned Prince of Miracien and his mage-servant respectively.
We’ll see what I can come up with. 🙂

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