So, for a long long time now I have had this ‘project’ going on called BulletFuck.
I’ve been revising the story for it for a while now.

I’ve revisited the two main characters as well – given them new identities; though you can tell who they are still and revamping their histories.

Wars has become a bit of a more rounded character, he heads a group of people called The Faceless who’re basically your Grade-A Anarchists. They’re rebelling against your typical (Dys)Utopian Society with random acts of violence – mostly in the form of pre-arranged street fights – theft and general chaos.
It is Wars who co-ordinates all this mayhem as it is him that breeds the hatred for this perfect society that was imperfect for him.
Caught up in this is Beee
(Artwork by Holly Ramirez)
Beee, is your basic confused shithead, he is initiated into The Faceless by someone – a girl, I think I named her Lex, or something to that effect. Forgot and my notes are under my desk and I just know that everything will fall off it seeing as my partner is sleeping at the moment!
Anyway, this woman dies somehow – not sure how yet – and this sends Beee on a violence bender in which he meets Wars. A strange tangled relationship develops between the two of them.
Until Wars is apprehended by the Police Force and taken to court for his Crimes against Humanity. Where a major plot thing happens and it would be a spoiler for me to tell you about it; you’ll just have to hope that I can actually get this thing done!!


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