Sea of Souls – Update

So, I did a little bit of work yesterday on Sea of Souls (This project really needs a better title)
Mostly in the bringing myself back up to speed department.

I realised that I still have a lot of planning to do in regards to the whole thing.
Ultimately, I would like to write it as a book – but I feel very out of my depth in that department. I’ve also toyed with the idea of making a “fictional artbook” of the project. Where I pretend that the project has been made into a film and I’m creating a companion book. You know the type I mean, right?

(Blizzards Book of Tyrael)
Something that works as a guide for a film or a video game – I can see this working for Sea of Souls, but at the same time it won’t get the story told!
I mean, I have seen people come up with entirely fake Codex‘s for Warhammer 40K – why can’t I do this!? It might be a bit of a bigger undertaking and I think that is what is scaring me about the whole Sea of Souls project. It’s huge!
But I need to start somewhere, or nothing will get done at all.
So, if anyone knows how to start on all this large-scale project stuff please drop me a line? Advice is always, always welcome.
I’ll try and keep you all posted with updates over the next few weeks.
Maybe even share some written exerts if I get that far?
[Edit] Made the Map of the world over the course of the evening – need to place the cities and do all that extra fun stuff with it, but it’s helping me feel co-ordinated.


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