I’ve not done a post about the topic of this blog for a while – so I thought to myself, why the heck not!?

As the title suggests, this one is a little weird.
I once has such vivid plans for Leviathans Lord!
Even came up with the greatest crossover idea ever; Hellraiser and Spawn which would have just rocked the world senseless!

As a part of my endeavours and as a part of the fangirling I took myself down to the London Film and Comic Convention; a haunt that I used to do on a semi-regular basis when I lived nearer to London (Being in Manchester now it’s a bit further away, but I bet Manc has some conventions too!?)

I met up with Mr. Pinhead himself (Doug Bradley) and managed to have my photograph taken with him!

(I swear, I can still die happy)
I’ve not actually wanted any of the Hellraiser films in some years now, it might be my plan for the evening after work seeing as I am on my own!
I remember a highlight of meeting Doug Bradley was the fact that I got to ask him about Lance Henriksen – another one of my old Fangirling icons! Who I have just reminded myself about on this nostalgia trip; expect another post about him sooner or later.
So… what is it about Pinhead?
It all boils down to one single word: Imagination.
What Pinhead did for me was spark an entire fascination for the depraved – not that I ever wanted to get myself hurt and be like him; I could just think up cruel stories of corruption, or characters so broken that Hellraiser was the only world they really fit into.
Not only that.
There is this whole entrancement that I have for people who’re completely dedicated to a single thing, usually religion. It’s just so maddeningly fascinating! I have the attention span of a gang, so it’s amazing! How people, fictional or real, can have this blinkered approach to a single thing.
When watching the Hellraiser movies, the Cenobites aren’t generally the focus of the entire film; in the first of the series I recall that Pinhead and his cronies really don’t have that much screen time. But every time I watch it is them that I am waiting for. So see into that depth of Hell, just that unwanted glimpse of utter horror.
It’s inexplicable, the desire to see the horrors; knowing they’re coming but equally knowing that it’s not going to be good for your soul!
Pinhead to this day still fascinates and disturbs me.
Well played Clive Barker, well played!
(Looking at my labels, I appear to have written about Pinhead before)


2 responses to “Pinhead”

  1. Nice, you just made me finally check those Hellraiser moives. After seeing some trailers I gonna dig up myself first and second part. Before I thought they were just another classic slasher/group of idiots getting killed moives. Thanks About the machinima itself, it’s of awesome quality(like many others of your work) and the Pinhead is damn.. awesome is such an overused word so I just honestly say that I wouldn’t know that it’s Breen if you wouldn’t say so. It looks great


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