I’ve been having some really vivid dreams lately, I think my sleep pattern might have changed so that I can recall them easier or something. I am no expert.

I have always liked dreaming, it’s like having your own personal movie in your head that you watch while you’re asleep. As we all know, I like movies!

So last night I had a dream about being part of a Game of Thrones roleplaying game – playing as I usually do as a male character. He had a crossbow and his main objective was to assassinate someone without being seen; with the help of a certain ‘friend.’ So there I was, ready and waiting in position with my long range crossbow and this ‘friend’ comes up to me. None other than Littlefinger. He gives me some advice on how to do the mission and all that jazz. I thank him, shake his hand and wander on my way. As he leaves I turn to my companion who asks me something and I return with’

“I don’t care, as long as I can kill that bastard.”

About Littlefinger.

Even my dreams know of my hatred for the character! i mean, look at that picture and try telling me he doesn’t suffer from ‘Punchable Face/Fuck Face’ syndrome?

Actually, I think he is a really well created and acted character. I can honestly feel that Love/Hate feeling with him. It’s easier to play a likeable character, but to actually install a feeling of detest in someone is a lot harder – unless people really are as heartless as they seem to be; but… I personally actually try and look for the good in everyone I meet. I tried with Baelish and really… really failed!

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