The Good Wife.

All I seem to be doing lately is blogging about my dreams; I don’t see that as a bad things overmuch but if you get bored of reading about them do let me know so I can put something else up here!

Last night was a revelation; as welcome one.
My long lost love came back to me!

(And doesn’t he look miserable for it?)
I was somewhere, I guess I was living there – like in University, a shared complex and some of the faces were the same, but the building wasn’t. It had a huge glass front to it looking over a lawn. I was sat fussing over some work and there was this huge commotion around me. I ignored it; students get excited for no reason.
Then Vicky – a girl I used to live with – came up to me and started talking to me trying to explain what was going on. Until Zoe, my friend pointed out the window and said “Have you seen who it it?”
I looked up and there he was, in his army gear, long shaggy hair.
I left my work where it was and the building to the lawn, where a crowd was gathered. Through a gap he saw me and ran over, where we did that whole… cheesy running embrace thing that you see in movies!
We then settled down on the grass and began talking. I acknowledged that he had been away doing his own thing – we’re used to this by now – and he asked me how I was doing, to which I just returned. “More importantly, how are you?”
It was sweet and a heartfelt reunion.
Made me realise how much I miss him when he goes away, but also, I will never let him go.

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