Paveway and Durandal

I had completely forgotten about this aspect of myself. Even though they’re rather fitting to the whole running a fangirl blog.

My sister and I once had alter egos – called Paveway and Durandal. I know where they came from and I can share some screenshots, but why we chose them as out alter egos I really cannot remember. I don’t know if it was a just for fun thing, us being silly or whatever.

They came from a Michael Jackson video, which again I had forgotten about until being driven to Hull for a party and MJ came on my little speaker. Upon hearing just a song of his it reminded me of this aspect of my childhood. I’ve always been  fangirl it seems, and it was nice to be able to blog about something other than dreams (even though I had another last night)

(Paveway and Durandal riding a monster truck!)
Why are they so important and relevant to this blog?
They are Fangirls! They’re chasing Michael Jackson through the streets of the city with nothing less than rabid fascination. I think that’s what it means to be a fangirl, even if some of us are more subdued about it! I remember being a MJ fan when I was younger and one of the first cassette tapes I was brought was one Christmas was ‘Dangerous‘ I remember the cover artwork being really stunning and elaborate and it was a great album
I don’t even know if we did anything as our alter egos, other than claimed them? I’ll have to ask my sister if she remembers more than I do.
I will hopefully be able to report a bit more on this subject soon!


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