Codex: Astra Militarum

I know that I have been a little slow in making the upgrade from Codex: Imperial Guard to Codex: Astra Militarum. My reason for this has mostly been because I’ve not been playing that many games of 40K as of late – and with the rumoured new Rule Book for the 24th of May that won’t be changing any time soon. Though over the weekend I made the purchase.
Of course there are always concerns when it comes to a new rule book and one of my greatest fears was actually realised in the book. We all know that my Aris 412th were led by my Psyker Nathaniel Greyson. Sadly this can no longer be the case, seeing as Imperial Psykers are no longer trusted enough to be a fitting mandatory HQ choice.
So Nathaniel gets the boot from being number one in my army finally; I am sad about this as much as he is, but it makes a lot of sense in regards to fluff (And my particular Psyker model.)
So thus, we pave the way aside for a new leader – A Lord Commissar. I believe I have mentioned this particular character before – Inquisitor Nicolai Hellbane – someone who know’s my Psyker personally and has deemed it time for him to have a more active role in the Aris 412th. So while I am sad that Psykers cannot be a valid HQ choice anymore I am pleased that I’ve been able to get my Lord Commander in. (I use guard as an allied force)
Another disappointing change for me is how the former Psyker Battle Squad works. I can just see it being a bit dull now. No need for an overseer which I particularly enjoyed from a fun point of view. They just seem to work as a normal Psyker – in which case I’d personally prefer to get another Psyker. So those models will be heading to the bits box.
On a more positive note it seems that Deathstrike missiles/tanks seem to have a bit of a beefing to make them a more viable option. Which is good, seeing as I still have mine unstuck in a box while I decided what to do with it! I always preferred the over-exsessive look of the Deathstrike but the rules seemed not to be in accord. That’s changed. I can be excessive!
All in all, I think the tweaks are rather minor elsewhere and aside from losing my Psyker Battle Squad I am a happy commander – unlike my Psyker who has been stripped of that privilege.


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