In the land of fangirling not much has really been going on.
I’ve mostly been concerned with my own characters, but even than at a much subdued note than normal. It’s a little strange to feel so quiet. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing some more writing, but sadly my artwork has really been taking up pride and place of everything at the moment.

I always enjoy looking through my referring searches over here on, they bring up all sorts of memories for me.
Though, seeing Captain Rhodes Day of the Dead Fanfiction in the bunch this time sent shivers down my spine. It’s good to know he is still out there haunting me.

As for Roleplaying, I’ve not done any written roleplay in a very long time. I’ve tried, but I just can’t seem to get anything to stick and you know what. I don’t feel bad about it anymore either, I like the tabletop stuff I do far, far more. I didn’t think I would connect with characters that I didn’t write about, but that’s not true. Even the Pathfinder character I RP as has been great fun; but that’s probably my Orc weakness showing!


We’re playing a game called Etherscope (Or about to anyway) and I am very happy to brag about the fact that our GM is Ben Redmond… if you don’t know who that is in connection to Etherscope then you need a slap!
I am excited about playing it actually – not only because our GM is pretty much amazing, but because of the character I’ve managed to come up with.
Royan, an Ether-Psychic who has a talent with talking to the dead/spirits. While on the outside owns a wonderfully weird shock of curiosities, apparently filled with bad Taxidermy and a little lab to make drugs out of the dignity of Leptard. 
Personal in-jokes aside, I’ve been anting to try out Etherscope for a while, so am looking forward to it. 😀

In personal news, I am getting married soon so I am mostly getting prepared for the big day on the 11th of October. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some of my own fictions as well, like I have ideas for off-shoot stories connected with Sea of Souls, but you know should probably get the first one written first – but if just add-libbing and entire story really the best way to go about things? I mean, I’ve shotgunned my way through fictions before, but they’ve been personal… actually so is Sea of Souls, but yanno.

I should just write, and write some more! Cause, that’s how things get written. Like, stop worrying about it Jenn and just do it.

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