Dragon Age.

Alistair Dragon Age Inquisition

Just you know, some updates on my thoughts of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I’ve still not managed to blast my way through to the end yet, so it’s nothing final or anything.

At first I found the whole thing rather exciting. Then I met most of the companions and none of them really clicked with me which put me on a bit of a downer about the whole thing. And then, I was all yay, Hawke!but a bit boo cause no Hero of Ferelden, which made me a bit sad again. But you know, the companions have grown on me and I like the changes that they all seem to go through. They really warm on you.

But you know, maybe it’s the same for them. They don’t really know the Inquisitor and are just a bit like “Here’s another job, another noble, another cause, another whatever it is that they have been through in their lives and your just another small chapter.” Then bang, bad stuff happens – like seriously bad stuff and they’re stuck with you fighting for this cause they probably don’t feel to much for but they promised you they’d be in it for the long term, so there they are, fighting along side you while trying to get the know you.

I don’t know if they ever make you feel overly welcomed. You don’t seem to have a friend right from the offset. It’s a struggle (Seeing as I find the Inquisitor rather flat, I can understand that.)
Not like Origins when you had someone fighting your corner right away.

I know there are people out there who will disagree with me, but you know, you can keep your Cullen, your Solas and your Dorian.
I’m still at heart the Hero of Ferelden; Zindrafel the knife ear, Commander of the Grey having a secret affair with King Alistair behind the backs of Queen and Country alike.

So, needless to say, how happy I was to see King Alistair’s Cameo in DA:I
He looks so grown up.

Alistair Dragon Age Inquisition


Seeing him again made me want to write again, some of the fictions that I had all stored up in my head about him and Zindrafel, but I’ve also had other ideas as well which I may pursue.

I’ll write another post about one soon enough.

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