I can’t believe

What the past 12 years looks like in the form of artwork!

It’s rather exciting, I’m in the process of moving house from rented accommodation into my first ‘real-home’ as such my husband and I are going through the house tidying up and sorting everything out ready for our move in date. Something I have wanted to do for a while now is buy myself a collection of folders so that I can migrate my artwork into it. Rather than having a heap of tatty lever arches that have been through several moves already and spent some of their time in a shed to save on space.

So during my work-break on Monday I tottle over to W.H Smiths and buy their collection of folders (more or less) struggle to carry them all to the counter – dropping several on the way. Today I managed to migrate all the artwork into their pretty looking new homes

(Apart from Bulletfuck, but that won’t ever move from the Pimp my Ride folder)


Don’t they look wonderful.

And it got me thinking. This has been about half of the artwork that I have done since I first picked up the pencil again back at college. The other half is digital artwork. In these folders is all traditional sketches, coloured images, gifts for others, personal artwork, sketches of characters that never made it, finishe art of those that did. It doesn’t look like much, but each one of those folders is full. Some of them, I admit, do have print outs of inspirational images and a few gift pieces from others, but it’s mostly all my own work.

And to think, I thought about giving up on art at one point in my life!!

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