Isn’t this what I wanted?

I quit my job on the market stall. I think I covered this in my previous post.

It’s want I wanted to do when I was all into my art and trying to make a business of it. Now that I have it and will have the free time to dedicate to creating I feel flat about it.

I’ve seen there are tools that artists can use to get funding monthly – I am mostly on about the website Patreon – does anyone here have any experience with it?

I am so new to this whole making money from art thing and I constantly feel like I am in too deep and out of my depth with it all. I still have moments of doubt and wondering what it is all for.
I thought I was even done with this trying thing but after art society last night I had this conversation that just threw me out of those thoughts. Well, two things happened. The conversation and something else.

The conversation was with Carl Jacobs about my work in the local art gallery with the Society and if I was following my art as a career now that I had quit my job. He made some suggestions of what else I could do with my work as well, which I would like to follow – but I’ll need some money for materials first.

The second thing that happened was we were given some ballot slips. Returned from the gallery itself. From the People’s Choice awards. I wasn’t expecting to see these at all, but seeing the six that I was given and the comments on them, well, it made me smile and I wanted to cry over it.


The thing is.

If I do try and pursue artwork as a career though the scribble doodles, where does that leave me with the character artwork that I also enjoy? It’s the question and the thing that has always bugged me with art and what I do. It’s like there is this huge void that I can’t cross between the two – and I don’t know if I have the time to do both of them; but I can’t imagine just dropping my characters.

I think I might just need more time to figure all this out because right now it’s making me feel dizzy and back at square one.

Maybe it is something that Patreon can help me overcome?

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