Divine inspiration and Mr Ticket

So after feeling a bit crummy last night and hoping that my dreamself might come up with something to help on the art front, I have a strange dream.

It was about artwork which was all fair and good. It was also about Ticket.

I don’t think I have ever uttered a public word about Ticket before, mostly because I have never been sure if the world is really ready to hear about him. Yet, now is the time. Purely because of my dream. If it hadn’t have happened I would have kept my lips sealed.

Basically, Ticket, is the creation of my sister and I’s youthful brains. He is our index finger with the rest of our fingers balled up. He talks. He says stupid things. He is annoying. And he has many forms.
Such as a scientific Ticket – Who thinks everything is interesting. (And wears glasses)
Lord Ticket – Who is Lord of Nothing!
Wobble Ticket – Who is a Ticket with an injury.
Ticket with a Problem – He has a bone in his throat.
Flatter – A flat Ticket
Benthead – A Ticket with a… bent head.

Honestly, the list goes on and I would be here all day listing them out.

More than just a hand however, Ticket got drawn a lot. I think my Mum still has some of the pictures saved somewhere in one of her diaries; I shall have to ask!

So when I asked the divines that be last night for some inspiration or guidance with what I am doing artwise, I was not expecting to have a dream about abstract artwork involving Ticket. Abstract work is something that I have done before:


It’s just not something I have ever felt confident pushing for… again.

There are probably Tickets in the images already, lurking somewhere. Just a case of finding them.

I shall ask my sister to write something more about Ticket for guest post, see if she is interested!

Until then, I guess I have a painting to plan..

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