Dragon Age: Inquisition. The unpopular Opinion

As the title says, this is purely my opinion on the game. It’s not one that I can imagine I share with other.

Today, after owning Dragon Age: Inquisition from the day it was released, I finally finished it. I am rather on the fence about the game as a whole. I feel like I should love it, like it should have been the best game to happen to me since getting my PS4 (Which I got, purely for Dragon Age). And part of me does like the game, but not to the point of rabid fandomism that the other instalments inspired in me.

I’ve addressed my thoughts on the actual Inquisitor before; I believe I described them as rather flat and lacking in personality – unlike Hawke who was brimming with it in one form or another. Whereas the Inquisitor is just flat. I can’t describe it any other way. I’d like to think of that as the choices I made for them rather than how they’re written though?


The game is massive – that’s no lie – apparently there is about 150 hours worth of game here. I think mine ran into the 40’s, possibly 50’s. Which is pretty pathetic compared to that bragging of game play hours. The problem I have with a lot of the content is that I don’t actually want to do any of it. Most of it feels like boring content filler than any real reason to want to do any of the quests. Don’t get me wrong, the main quests are amazing! The story behind them is pretty thrilling (I’ll get to that in a bit) but these side quests… it’s like reading a textbook on boredom.
Maybe if these side quests weren’t so… “Go get me this, collect 20 of these, find this place” they’d actually be worth the time they take doing. But it’s like collecting Zebra Hooves all over again. Been there. Done that. Still having nightmares about it. I understand some games need a bit of filler and/or back tracking to make them worth it, but DA:I is a but overload on the whole idea. It took the fun out of it.

Especially when you have some wonderfully beautiful areas to explore. I mean, the world building in this game is wonderful. It’s so pretty! Even when it’s raining down hardcore. I found that I actually wanted to look around some of these areas, find all the little snippets of information about them… to start with. Then things just went a little bit down hill and I got bored. And it stopped making sense. “Why am I looking for a shard, when there is a big hole in the sky and an old Tevinter Magister is trying to become the new God?”


I’m sounding all a little doom and gloom, but it’s not all bad. Not really. I mean, the main story arch is just wonderfully written and it’s great to see it progress. The same with the characters. Some of them are interesting, endearing, quirky and fun. They’re a real high point as well for the game. The writing in the game I cannot stand up for enough, I really can’t!
For both the main story and the main quest. It’s epic.
And the unexpected twists in character and plot are worth playing that game for.
To say that the voice acting acting that goes along with them is just as good is almost moot. It’s wonderful.
And some of the characters are so down-to-earth. Sera, in her strange wonderful way, is one that I can find myself relating to a lot more than the others. She just wants to be herself, do her own thing, then whoops, shit gets fucked up and she can’t anymore.

I’m really on the fence about it all, I really am.
I want to love DA:I.
But I can’t seem to get into it all that much.

I should be playing the snot out of it this week due to moving house and pretty much everything else that keeps me entertained has been packed away. Like I did at the end of my Degree with Dragon Age 2. (I played DA from 10am – 2am some days)
But… I don’t think I will be.
I just can’t get into is as much.

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