Barley Monster

Personal News

Hi everyone!

So, to blame my lack of blogging success on someone else is a little bit mean, but there is a reason I’ve not stolen away the time to write on here the past week.

I’m point the finger to Barley!

10516699_10152796356064849_8439538575781338522_n (1)

He is a 10 week old Lurcher puppy, and he demands a lot of attention! I can get a bit of artworky businessy stuff in while he is asleep and hope to get my routine back on track with updating as soon as I can, but you know. He is to cute to not give my love and attention to!!

Even if he is still trying to chew his way through my slippers to get at my toes

He’s been doing pretty well in a lot of respects though, like with his toilet training and learning how to sit!

Artsy News

I managed to sell my first painting over on my ebay store, which was a real confidence boost for me. It felt great!! And even nicer to know that one of my facebook followers brought the painting.
It’s really nice to know where paintings end up, and if the buyers like what they recieve.DSC00352

I also finished my first art trade with Helen over on Helz Illustrates, who does some really quirky fun stuff so I really hope she likes what she has been sent.

I’m also on Patreon now as well, but still getting used to using the site!

So as normal it’s all pretty go on my end of things.
I’m also thinking of making some sort of colouring book freebie for people to download – but need to put a bit more thought into this idea!

Bye for now

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