Flavour of the week.

Somehow, this week I am on an Aliens high again – I guess now it’s only normal for me to swing back around to the franchise. To Quote, “You’ve been a part of my life I don’t remember anything else,”

It comes because I finally remembered to upload the first chapter of a fanfiction I was writing on FF.net. Something I won’t bother updating again in a hurry, but you know.

As such I have been struggling hell and high water with DAZ 3D and getting my Hicks model looking right.


(Image is far to bleached, cause I lighting failed)



Working with face shapes and getting them looking right is pretty difficult, but working with them when you’re trying to get them looking like someone famous is even harder. I know this guy isn’t right just yet but I’m working on it slowly – when I get the time.

I’m waiting for another render to finish now. Hopefully that one will look a little better.
Eventually I’d like to render some of the other cast. Maybe get a Hudson/Hicks picture done sometime! Would be a laugh, but a lot of hard work initially!

Either way, I like working with Hicks, there is plenty of angst to work through. Heh, maybe I should stick Aliens on tonight to wind down. It’s been good few months since I’ve given myself the time to watch it. I always say I will but never get round to it. I mean, I don’t need to watch it as it’s more or less committed to memory!

No2And the render finished.

I’ll post more tomorrow, got to take the dog for a walk!