Some Sketches



I am so far out of practise drawing with a pencil it’s not funny!! I’ll have to try harder to keep up with things, this is just getting silly!

These are some sketches from the other day.

The top one, obviously, Hicks – because I am still on a high of him!
The bottom one, I thought to myself that I only really draw the marines from Aliens, why never anyone else, why not give some of the other characters some lovin’.
Well, while drawing Burke, I realised that was because I mostly hate him and he doesn’t really deserve fan art. He’s just has the sort of face and hair style that reminds me of my old friend Matt, so he was all I could think about while drawing him. It brought up some bad stuff. That and Burke is a grade A burk! I guess the name says it all for me with him. Still, it was pretty good to draw someone other than a Marine for a change!
Other characters, Ripley for example, I should pay more attention to really. She is awesome!

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