Hello everyone~

How are we today?

I am trying to kickstart my creativity again by attempting to write some Aliens flash fictions. Just some short extracts of about 500-1000 words. This might be a little long compared to others, but I don’t think Flash Fiction has a widely accepted length.

It’ll just be some simple, easy things to get my writing going again, seeing as I have been lacking in that department. Actually, I feel like I have been lacking creativity in most departments of my life as of late, so it’ll be good to get things up and going again.

So, if anyone has any prompts they’d like to suggest please let me know?

I have a list saved, but would be great to get some personal ones as well.


Every once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself – so when I saw this particular treat on ebay for sale I just couldn’t help myself. A while ago I used to be a real avid statue/model collector and loved having them all on display. Sadly, those days have pretty much gone by the wayside and I just have a select few left.

Namely, Pinhead, Spock and a really strange Hudson model that my friend Jason brought for me.
Thinking about it, all these models that I have left were gifts.
Pinhead from John Heyhurst from my University days.
Spock, from my sister – for reasons.
And I’ve mentioned Hudson already.

So, they’ll be a nice happy family once I have my shelf on the top floor sorted out!

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